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Important Notice!

The link shortening service was retired on March 1, 2014. Information on this page may be outdated or inaccurate.

Donation Update: Texas Rustlers Guinea Pig Rescue

Non profit donation letter sent to guinea pig shelter

Donation Letter sent to TX Rustlers Guinea Pig Rescue

As you may remember, we featured Texas Rustlers Guinea Pig Rescue as the Featured Rescue for our beta testing period from October 2012 to March 2013.

Since that time there have been a few changes around these parts: Texas Rustlers will continue to be a Featured Rescue, and joining them with Featured status is Orange County Cavy Haven in Orange County, California.

Both rescues will each receive 50% of the money raised by users who shorten links to participating shops from April 1, 2013 to December 31, 2013.

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Changes to the Featured Rescue Process

Guinea pig riding in a red toy car

Guinea Pigs In A Car Says, “Big changes are a-comin’!” [source]

Changes have come to!

After our first successful quarter during which over $75 was raised for Texas Rustlers Guinea Pig Rescue, we’ve had some time to look over how the fund-raising operations at were managed and develop a few new ways of doing things.

First, the process of quarterly featured rescues is tedious. Three short months of fund-raising is a complicated and time-intensive endeavor. And being that we’re an all-volunteer run service, we really had to examine the effectiveness of dedicating just 3 months to raising money for guinea pig rescues.

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April 2013 to December 2013 Featured Rescue: Orange County Cavy Haven

Q2 2013 Featured Guinea Pig Rescue: Orange County Cavy Haven

Q2 2013 Featured Rescue: Orange County Cavy Haven

Important Changes!

An important bulletin was posted on April 7, 2013 which changed the process of guinea pig rescue/shelter selection by limiting featured guinea pig rescues to 2 per year, each featured for 12 concurrent months.

The title of this post has been modified to reflect this change. However, several details in this post has not.

To learn more, please read Changes to the Featured Rescue Process.

Welcome to Q2 (April to July) 2013!

As you know, here at we loves us some guinea pig rescues. That’s why we select a new guinea pig rescue each quarter to receive 100% of the money you raise when you use to shorten links to products and services from our participating shops.

Last quarter, users were able to raise $29.78 for the Q1 (and first-ever) Featured Rescue: Texas Rustlers Guinea Pig Rescue. And aside from a donation of cold, hard cash, do you want to hear the best part? For each quarterly donation, will give an additional $50 USD.

That means users will have helped to raise over $79.78 for Texas Rustlers!

You rock!

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