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Important Notice!

The link shortening service was retired on March 1, 2014. Information on this page may be outdated or inaccurate.

Beta Tester Orientation

Guinea pig auto mechanic in garage

A guinea pig mechanic will explain all the details [source]

So you’re here because you want to beta test. It’s so good to see you!

You’ve probably already had a chance to review last week’s beta tester introduction, so let’s get right down to business.

This post will include all the important details that you need to know about the Beta Testing process, including three important Ws:

  • Who: what is and who runs this site
  • What: what (and when) is beta testing
  • Why: why is beta testing important

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Beta Testers: Welcome and Introduction

Guinea Pig On A Polka Dot Towel

Buttercup the guinea pig loves to snuggle

Greetings, Beta Testers!

Several weeks ago, a select group of guinea pig bloggers and social media trend-setters were asked to join the as an elite team of volunteer Beta Testers.

To those who registered, THANK YOU! Your participation as a Beta Tester will help to create a better, easier way to raise money online for guinea pig rescues.
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Beta Tester Open Invitation

Guinea Pig On a Heart Blanket

Feebee The Guinea Pig Welcomes You! is now accepting applications for beta testers!

Beta testing is an important step in helping to ensure that the service runs smoothly, efficiently, and that it is as easy as possible to raise money for guinea pig rescues.

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