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Important Notice!

The wheek.it link shortening service was retired on March 1, 2014. Information on this page may be outdated or inaccurate.

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Congratulatory letter to guinea pig rescue

Guinea pig rescue donation letter

Earlier this year, LA Guinea Pig Rescue of Los Angeles, California and Wee Companions Small Animal Adoption, Inc. in San Diego, California were chosen by wheek.it users to share in 100% of wheek.it money raised in 2014.

Unfortunately, earlier this week we announced the end of wheek.it shortlinks on March 1, 2014.

No more shortlinks?

Find out what the end of wheek.it shortlinks means and read The end of wheek.it shortlinks.

Because of this, we are issuing a contribution for each of these rescues equivalent to the largest wheek.it donation we’ve made thus far. Each rescue has been sent a congratulatory letter and a wheek.it donation check for $80.00.

Congratulations to LA Guinea Pig Rescue and Wee Companions! Despite

You can see the donation checks and congratulatory letters below below, then find out more about the The end of wheek.it shortlinks.

Guinea pig rescue donation letter Guinea pig rescue donation letter

LA Guinea Pig Rescue: larger image   |   Wee Companions: larger image

Read along for a transcribed version of the letter sent to LA Guinea Pig Rescue.

January 1, 2014

Los Angeles Pet Rescue
10856 Farralone Ave
Chatsworth CA 91311

Dear rescue staff:

As you may have heard, LA Guinea Pig Rescue has been selected as a 2014 wheek.itwheek.it Featured Guinea Pig Rescue! Congratulations!

Your Featured Rescue status entitles you, along with Wee Companions Small Animal Adoption Inc., to share in 100% of the donations raised by wheek.it users in 2014.

Unfortunately, last week wheek.it announced it will be retiring its link-shortening service, which serves as the fund raising vehicle for wheek.it’s rescue donations. Because of this, we are issuing you an immediate donation of $80, the largest donation we’ve given to date.

Despite the retirement of the wheek.it link shortening service, LA Guinea Pig Rescue will be featured on the wheek.it Featured Rescue page at http://wheek.it/rescue. Once the link-shortening service is formally retired on March 1, 2014, a prominent link to the LA Guinea Pig Rescue website and your social media channels will be placed on the wheek.itwheek.it homepage. We sure hope the added exposure for your rescue inspires similar donations!

Please find your 2014 wheek.it Featured Rescue donation check enclosed in the amount of $80.00.

We appreciate the hard work your rescue does to help homeless guinea pigs in your area!

Thank you for making the world a better place.

Kind regards,

Brian Balla

P.S. – Please consider sharing this good news with your Facebook friends and Twitter followers; remember to mention wheek.it!

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