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Nominate Your Favorite Guinea Pig Rescue

two rescued guinea pigs on a bed

This Pair of Rescued Guinea Pigs Would Make a Nomination, But They Have No Thumbs [source]

How would you like your favorite guinea pig rescue to share in the money we raise for 12 whole months?

Perhaps you adopted a guinea pig or two (or three?) from a super-spectacular guinea pig rescue in your area. And maybe, just maybe, you sometimes think that this awesome guinea pig rescue deserves some cold, hard cash. Well, around here, we can do just that.

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2014 Featured Rescue Poll

Every Vote Counts Button

Every Vote Counts

It’s time to cast your vote for top two guinea pig rescues or shelters you want to see featured as the 2014 Featured Guinea Pig Rescues!

Which two rescues do you think deserves 12 months worth of donations?

Vote now! Click here to make your selection.

You can nominate a rescue to be included in next year’s poll here.