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Guinea Pig Rescue Video: SoCal Style

Video of a guinea pig rescue adventure

It’s a Southern California guinea pig rescue adventure

It’s a Southern California guinea pig rescue adventure!

Scott, a guinea pig rescue volunteer from California, takes a trip through SoCal to transport a herd of rescued guinea pigs from LA Guinea Pig Rescue to Wee Companions guinea pig rescue in San Diego, California.

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Guinea Pig Pignic Schedule 2013

Guinea pig exploring the pignic

Guinea pig exploring the pignic[source]

Guinea pig pignics have quickly become the go-to event for guinea pig enthusiasts around the country, and they’re only getting bigger.

Starting in the late 1990s by a hard-working group of breeders and guinea pig owners, pignics have started appearing all over the place, thanks to the hard work of Tammy Raabe, blogger and guinea pig mouthpiece extraordinaire at, who helps others organize pignics in their local communities. Raabe organized one of the Boston area’s first guinea pig pignics, and today the Boston Are Pignic draws large crouds and plenty of happy piggies from areas all across the Greater Boston area.

Pignics: What To Expect

Guinea pig pignics are loads of fun! Each pignic is unique, but there’s a common thread that unites each gathering: education, fellowship, and fun! Most pignics feature guinea pig contests like best costume, wildest hair contests, fastest treat eater, and a myriad of other clever competitions.

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What To Donate to a Guinea Pig Rescue

A rescue guinea pig is a happy guinea pig

A rescue guinea pig is a happy guinea pig [source]

Guinea pig rescues sometimes defy the human imagination.

At a typical rescue on any given day, in any city across the world, volunteers and staff work countless hours planning events, coordinating intake and adoptions, providing care, scheduling veterinary appointments, emailing, Facebooking, blogging…whew! And, in the midst of a hyperactive schedule, all is done on a tiny pip-squeak of a budget.

Fortunately, there are kind Humans like you who help fuel the success of these amazing organizations by donating time and money. But what else do rescues really need? What kind of donations can they put to good use?

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