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Guinea pig riding in a red toy car

Guinea Pigs In A Car Says, “Big changes are a-comin’!” [source]

Changes have come to!

After our first successful quarter during which over $75 was raised for Texas Rustlers Guinea Pig Rescue, we’ve had some time to look over how the fund-raising operations at were managed and develop a few new ways of doing things.

First, the process of quarterly featured rescues is tedious. Three short months of fund-raising is a complicated and time-intensive endeavor. And being that we’re an all-volunteer run service, we really had to examine the effectiveness of dedicating just 3 months to raising money for guinea pig rescues.

So, to increase the amount of money we can raise for each rescue and to reduce volunteer workload, we decided to make a few drastic changes to how raises money and features guinea pig rescues to receive our donations.

Featured Rescues: 1 Year

Featured guinea pig rescues will receive featured status for one full year: from January 1 to December 31. Three months vs. twelve months, I think most rescues would much prefer the twelve month period of money-raising support!

Joint Featured Rescues

Beginning immediately, each featured rescue will have some company! You wouldn’t want them to get lonely, would you?

A maximum of 2 guinea pig rescues will be featured concurrently each year. Rescues will share the money raised with each group receiving a 50% portion of all proceeds raised during their featured year. Rescues will now remain featured for a year and will earn 50% of what we make. The other half of the money we raise for the year will go to another super-awesome rescue who needs your help!

What Does This Mean

All the website information (including the Frequently Asked Questions) has been updated accordingly (if you notice an error, please leave a comment below!)

Earlier this week, we announced that Orange County Cavy Haven will be the Q2 2013 Featured Rescue. So that will change a bit, but in a very good way.

Texas Rustlers Guinea Pig Rescue will continue to be a 2013 featured rescue and Orange County Cavy Haven will join them. Each rescue will earn 50% of the funds we raise from April 1, 2013 to December 31, 2013.

Texas Rustlers will still get the $79.78 that was promised to them from our last quarter of fund raising. So in the end, despite this change, all rescues will be equal and now even more money can be raised for these very worthy rescues!

Featured Rescue Poll

You can still use the Featured Rescue Poll to vote for or nominate a rescue for featuring. The two rescues who receive the most votes during 2013 on the Featured Rescue Poll will be the two new joint 2014 featured guinea pig rescues.


This is quite a big change, and we want to hear your thoughts. Like? Dislike? Couldn’t care less?

Leave a comment and please let me know what yer thinkin’!

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