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Guinea Pig Adoption Event

Volunteer At a Guinea Pig Rescue Adoption Event [source]

There is a guinea pig rescue in your area that needs you!

Guinea pig rescues and shelters across the world rely on the hard work of caring individuals like you to help make a positive difference in the lives of rescued guinea pigs.

And chances are, there’s a rescue nearby that needs your help more than you can imagine.

If you’ve been thinking about volunteering at a local guinea pig rescue, here’s a list of some of the most common types of volunteer positions that are available. If you find a role you really like, contact a local rescue. I guarantee that they would love to hear from you!

Find a guinea pig rescue in your area

To locate a guinea pig shelter or rescue near you, visit the Guinea Pig Zone Rescue Locator.

Foster Parents

A lot of guinea pigs rescues have too many pigs to house at one central location, so many reach out to people familiar with guinea pig ownership to temporarily house and care for their rescued guinea pigs while permanent Forever Homes are sought.

Being a foster guinea pig parent takes a very special person: one who is nurturing, understanding, and is aware that the foster pig will not be staying around forever. Foster guinea pigs are typically required to stay away from your family Herd and quarantined in a separate area of your house. Foster pigs also may have special health or behavioral conditions which prevent them from staying at a central facility.

If you have a little extra room in your house and heart, consider being a foster guinea pig. Contact a local guinea pig rescue to sign-up!

Skills needed: familiarity with the proper care of guinea pigs, patience, flexibility, reliability

Office Administration

How can any organization run smoothly without the help of an adept office administrator? Rescues have a tremendous need for paperwork filing, spreadsheet tracking, and financial records-keeping.

If you have a love for organization with an eagle-eye attention to detail, you are just a phone call away from putting those skills to good use for a local guinea pig rescue!

Skills needed: Typing, organization, attention to detail, familiarity with office software such as Word and Excel

Rescue Operations

Guinea pig rescues with a central shelter may need help caring for and looking after the needs of their rescued guinea pigs. This may include feeding, handling, cleaning, and routine health care like nail trimming and ear cleaning.

Rescues can always use a helping hand! And what’s not to love about helping out a few guinea pigs in need?

Skills needed: Reliability, problem-solving, proper care and handling of guinea pigs

Hey, Rescues!

Have an inside tip on other types of recue opportunities? Or perhaps you have a specific volunteer position you’d like to advertise. Please share your tip in the comment section below!

Event Volunteers

From pet fairs to adoption events, guinea pig rescues need to be seen and heard if they want to find loving homes for their shelter pigs! Event volunteering is perfect for those who like to socialize and connect with people face-to-face. Plus, you get to meet other guinea pig enthusiasts who have similar interests and passions. Looking to make a few new friends? Become an adoption event volunteer!

Contact a local rescue to find out how you can help at an off-site event.

Skills needed: Verbal and written communication, sales, multi-tasking, attention to detail

Tech Support

Many guinea pig rescues have a website, email list, or online social presence that needs updated and maintained on a regular basis. Duties may include tech-related tasks including database updating, emailing, website maintenance, and conducting social media campaigns.

Skills needed: Tech-savvy, computer literate, familiarity with email and basic computer programs

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